Rides assistance

Ital-Resina deals with everything that concerns the construction of a carousel, we cure every aspect from the project to providing a maintenance and repair service, from the customization of the product to the transport and delivery. To find out more about the realization costs. We provide emergency repair service and assistance with quality spare parts. Our products are all covered by a two years’ warranty *.

Contact us directly to realize your customized product.

UNI EN 3834-2 Certification

Our company is specialized in the production of customized park attractions. Ours, is an activity that has been handed down for years in the family. Everyone in the company has a specific role, the family members personally deal with their customers, always trying to make a careful and attentive service, customizing each product based on customer requirements. Each product is manufactured in accordance with European standards, complete with a EC certificate, we are able to offer highly qualified and innovative artisanal products through creativity, initiative and continuous attention to market needs

* Warranty: All products are guaranteed for two years, however, the components subject to greater wear, such as electronic components are guaranteed for 6 months.