Motorbikes for sale

Ital-Resina is specialized in selling merry-go-round vehicles and all kind of rides for theme and amusement parks in all parts of the world. We produce motorbike rides, scooters and customized spare parts.

Our merry-go-round vehicles are interactive and involve all children, with the seat and the realistic throttle function. With our staff, you can easily design your own carousel. Contact us directly, we provide deliveries in Italy and abroad.

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Motorbike models

These are just a few of our motorbike models:

  • Moto pony scooter: lenght Cm160 – width Cm90 – height Cm110
  • Moto trike: lenght Cm205 – width Cm115 – height Cm142 – kg110
  • Moto corsa a coppia: lenght Cm150 – width Cm90 – height Cm120
  • Moto corsa: lenght Cm160 – width Cm105 – height Cm110