The realization

After the realization of the project, also called mold, we start with the actual production of the carousel.

Ital-Resina’s production, after the project design, begins from the “rough” carousel, with no colors or applications, just fiberglass consisting, that is specks of glass fibers blended together thanks to the resin hardening. After creating a rough model, we firstly realize the inner iron frame, which aims to accommodate within it all the mechanisms necessary to operate the attraction and specially to give strength and structure to the attraction/ride.

At the same time, we carry forward also the realization of the painting and the electric system, which has to be placed inside of the attraction. The electric system includes the lights, sounds and video simulator if required.

Afterwards we start with assembling everything together, lastly, we make further changes and additions to further beautify the product. Now, the product is ready to be put on the market.