Train rides

Ital-Resina is specialized in the production and sales of all types of carousel, roller coasters and train rides for playgrounds and adventure parks throughout Italy and the rest of the world. We also build locomotives with customized cars, contact us for custom orders and thanks to our excellent service we are known all around the world.

Seeing is believing! The quality of our products must be experienced first-hand, contact us directly to arrange an appointment in the company.

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Train rides models

Some models realized up to now:

  • Treno cavalli galoppanti;
  • Treno trattore con diligenza;
  • Treno camion mack;
  • Treno con moto;
  • Treno fattoria;
  • Treno auto sprint;
  • Treno hummer;
  • Treno con barche;
  • Treno fantasia;
  • Clown con palla: width. Cm130 – height Cm280
  • Clown per centro: width Cm130 – height Cm180
  • Tazza girevole: lenght Cm110 – width Cm120
  • Cesto girevole: width Cm140 – height Cm80
  • Galeone con motore: lenght Cm190 – width Cm100 – height Cm 190
  • Barca pirati: lenght Cm140 – width Cm98 – height Cm80
  • Locomotiva fattoria/circus: lenght Cm190 – width Cm110 – height Cm190
  • Locomotiva west: lenght Cm200 – width Cm110 – height Cm160
  • Locomotiva: lenght Cm200 – width Cm90 – height Cm150
  • Locomotiva miniera: lenght Cm170 – width Cm80 – height Cm150
  • Treno su rotaie
  • Treno camion 9000 Babbo Natale
  • Treno Babbo Natale
  • Treno camion