Ital-Resina di Angelo Di Talia

A company funded more than 40 years ago thanks to Angelo di Talia’s limitless creativity and idea. Angelo’s idea was to produce children’s rides to give them the unique possibility to travel with imagination and through fantasy dreams.

Ital-Resina is specialized in the production of attractions, park furniture and amusement rides, like train rides, kiddie rides, merry-go-round rides and many others. The main feature of our products is the painting of subjects which, coupled with the continuous research of new shapes and subjects, creating a captivating entertainment overview.

To know more about our products contacts us directly, we deal with worldwide deliveries.

Our Story

Ital-Resina was born as a small company consisted of only few people, we started our business with five people to reach today what we are now, involving the work of hundred people, becoming a world leader company in the amusement rides field. Ital-Resina today, finds its products from Brazil to Russia and from the United States to Australia. Our goal is to give all children the possibility to spend an unforgettable day in an adventure park, where the only protagonists are recreation, play, fantasy, imagination and fun. Thanks to Angelo’s desire to make all kids have fun through imagination and creativity, our company, born more than forty years ago, distributes its products in all parts of the world.

We are already thinking about the future

Ital-Resina never stops the pursuit of its main objective. To create products that will allow every child a unique and unforgettable journey, we are integrating every ride also with integrative technologies such as televisions and simulators, which during the ride send cartoons, to make it the most engaging journey ever. The mediatic entertainment will help the imagination of every child while enjoying the ride, a trip through fantasy that will remain in the best memories. The interaction between what you do with what you see, make it more interactive and involved the child.

Rely on Ital-Resina for the creation of unique and customized amusement rides, we are active throughout the Italian territory and beyond, you can find us in the province of Modena, but we deliver all over the world.