Train rides

Ital-Resina is specialized in the production and manufacture of resin attractions, such as train rides and merry-go-round vehicles for different types of amusement parks. One of our specialties, among the most popular rides is the locomotive with 2 and 4 seats, various attraction components can be applied to decorate or renovate any attraction.

Our company produces many rides that will inspire every child, if you are looking for a manufacturer to purchase your attraction ride contact us immediately.

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Our locomotives

Among the main locomotives manufactured up to now we have:

  • Locomotiva fattoria/circus: lenght Cm190 – width Cm110 – height Cm190
  • Locomotiva west: lenght Cm200 – width Cm110 – height Cm160
  • Locomotiva: lenght Cm200 – width Cm90 – height Cm150
  • Locomotiva miniera: lenght Cm170 – width Cm80 – height Cm150
  • Treno su rotaie
  • Treno camion 9000 Babbo Natale
  • Treno Babbo Natale
  • Treno camion
  • Treno cavalli galoppanti;
  • Treno trattore con diligenza;
  • Treno camion mack;
  • Treno con moto;
  • Treno fattoria;
  • Treno auto sprint;
  • Treno hummer;
  • Treno con barche;
  • Treno fantasia;