Rotable tea-cups for sale

Ital-Resina realizes your personalized carousel and customized attractions for Luna Parks, amusement and theme parks in all parts of the world. Our rotable rides can vary from tea-cups, to baskets and seats, all personalized according to our customer’s tastes. We can also build a hot air balloon or a customized roller coaster, by projecting the design together, which is studied at the beginning of the production. Thanks to the project design we can show you the design of the complete attraction.

Each attraction is fully customizable, according to your tastes and needs. Contact us directly for further information.

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Attractions production

Some of the rotable tea-cups realized up to now are:

  • Tazza girevole: lenght Cm 110 – width Cm 120
  • Cesto girevole: lenght Cm 140 – width Cm 80
  • Giostra tazze

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