Carousel production

Ital-Resina is a company specialized in the sale of all kind of amusement park attractions, like carousels with horses and carriages for kids. We build diligently each carousel, realized both on 2 different floors and on one single floor. We also carry out restoration and assistance on products that need spare parts at competitive prices.

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Personalized attractions

Some of the horses and carriages realized up to now are:

  • Cavallo pepito G: lenght Cm120 – width Cm 60 – height Cm120
  • Cavallo zorro G: lenght Cm147 – width Cm40 – height Cm130
  • Cavallo vienna medio: lenght Cm100 – width Cm 40 – height Cm110
  • Cavallo west 3 mov.: lenght Cm190 – width Cm60 – height Cm150
  • Carrozza con due cavalli medi: lenght Cm270 – width Cm100 – height Cm 165
  • Cavalli con biga
  • Cavallo vienna G. con rose: lenght Cm135 – width Cm40 – height Cm150
  • Diligenza con cavalli: lenght Cm330 – width Cm90 – height Cm150
  • Diligenza: lenght Cm190 – height Cm150
  • Cavallo G. a coppia con motore: lenght Cm135 – width Cm90 – height Cm150